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School Site Council

The California Education Code requires the School Site Council (SSC) to develop a Single Plan For Student Achievement (SPFSA) for Consolidated Application programs operated at the school. The California Code requires that all schools must establish a SSC [(C 64001 (a)] with the exception of Charter Schools (EC 47605).
All Montebello Unified School District schools, whether receiving federal or state compensatory education funds or both, must provide for parent and teacher involvement in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the school program for economically disadvantaged students and for limited English-proficient students, students in special education, and gifted and talented students. Schools with School Improvement funds must ensure that all interested persons have an opportunity to participate in the SSC. These programs are supplemental to the District’s instructional program. To learn more about SSC please view the Orientation & Elections Handbook (Spanish).


The Home School Compact and Parent Involvement Policy English (Parent Involvement Policy Spanish) are documents created, revised and approved by the SSC Committee. It is to be shared and signed by parents during parent conferences. In order to assure the success of the students it is important that all parties (teachers, parents, students) read and understand what is expected of them.