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All students must attend school every day.  Students are expected to:
  1. Attend school every day except when ill.
  2. Attend every class on time (school begins at 8:00am).
  3. Report absences to the attendance office when a phone call by parent or present a note from a parent. Office number is (323) 887-7862
  4. Provide a doctor's note for absences that are longer than three days.

Immediately upon arriving at school following an absence of one or more days, the student must present a note to the Attendance Office.  Unexcused absences are considered truants and will be dealt with accordingly.


  1. Student Name
  2. Date of Absence(s)
  3. Reason for Absence
  4. Name of person clearing the absence (parent/guardian)


Abolish Chronic Truancy (ACT) is a chronic truancy program established by the District Attorney's Office. They work with school administrators, teachers, parents, and students, and will intervene at the very beginning of the truancy cycle. While the District Attorney's Truancy Mediation Program deals with chronic truants who come to the attention of the School Attendance Review Boards, we have discovered that this approach reaches only a fraction of the parents and students who need help.

ACT, which is modeled after the Neighborhood Watch Program, will energize the entire school community to combat truancy. The program has shown real success, and is expanding to an increasing number of schools throughout Los Angeles County. The focus of the program is not to punish either parents or students, but to get truants off the streets and back in the classrooms.

For more information click on the ACT Brochure PDF below: